St Peter and St Paul’s Church,    

Syston,  Leicestershire


Getting married and St Peter and St Paul’s

Legally, you are entitled to get married at St Peter and St Paul’s or at any of the churches in the Fosse Team if either one of you lives in the parish of any of those churches. You can also get married here if you live in another parish and can establish a connection with St Peter and St Paul’s.

You must have your banns of marriage read for three Sundays during the three months before the wedding - but before all this you need to get in touch with the churchwardens so as to book the Church and obtain advice on the arrangements. If you are under the age of 18 you must have your parents' permission to get married. There are certain guidelines on Church marriage if you have been divorced  - see below.

How much does it cost?

This varies slightly according to your requirements (for example, whether you want the bells rung and, if it's a winter wedding, the church heating costs).  Fees are set centrally by the Church of England and do rise a bit each year. If you are planning to marry in the summer and want organ music and bells then the cost is approximately £655.

When can we get married?

The answer is almost any time between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. It doesn't have to be a Saturday (although your guests might find a Saturday easier!).

Can we be married by a priest somewhere else?

No. At present you can only have a Church of England wedding in a Church of England parish Church.

What about the service?

Because of the legalities involved, an authorised service must be used - but there is flexibility about music, hymns, readings and the prayers. The service is thus able to reflect the couple being married.

What kind of preparation do you ask us to do?

A huge amount of preparation seems to go into the big day itself - but sometimes little thought is given to what happens afterwards; and how you will get on living together as husband and wife, and the differences that your big day has made to your relationship. So, as part of the deal to get married at St Peter and St Paul’s, you will be encouraged to look at marriage preparation - as opposed to wedding preparation! And no, there won't be embarrassing questions that you have to answer to the priest - although you will be encouraged to be very honest with each other.

What if one of us is divorced?

The Church of England allows the individual parish priest to be the judge of whether he or she will allow the marriage in church of a couple where at least one has been married before and there is still a living partner from that marriage.

The Church sees marriage as being for life. One reason it is seen as such is that the Church sees marriage as a 'sacrament' or sacred thing. In other words marriage is an illustration of how God loves us ...He is always completely faithful; he never tires of us or forsakes us. Our calling in marriage is to reflect that. However, we are human beings who often make a mess of trying to live life God's way, and our relationships do sometimes fail. The loving, faithful God we meet in the
Bible offers us forgiveness for failed intentions and unrealistic expectations, for broken promises, for the hurt and heartache of the past and also a new start. But this is not to be taken lightly.

St Peter and St Paul’s is willing to remarry people who have been divorced and looks to follow broad principles rather than a set of rules. If you want to know more about this, speak to Canon David White.

Please remember

Getting married in Church doesn't guarantee you a problem-free marriage! But it does serve as a reminder that there is a community here who can and will support you through good times and bad, pray with you and for you. You don't have to be alone!

Good marriages don't happen by accident - they happen because both parties are prepared to work at love - which may sound a strange idea, but love is much more than just emotional feelings.