St Peter and St Paul’s Church,    

Syston,  Leicestershire


Friends of St Peter and St Paul's Church

About Friends.

The Friends was formed in 2014 in order to raise money for improvements to the church that would not otherwise be  possible. It is a large building to keep in good repair, and the congregation manage to do this, but in order to improve facilities we are appealing to local people for support, as the church is not just used by the congregation, but for all sorts of community events. It is also used throughout the year by St Peter and St Paul’s Academy.

As their first project Friends are raising money for a small extension at the back of  the north aisle in which to install two toilets for the disabled (and for others to use) and sink. Our next step will be to commission a survey at the back of the church. We will also be applying for grants to help us.

Who can join? Anyone who would like to help support our beautiful Grade 1 listed ancient church and is willing to commit to giving a minimum donation of £10 each year. One-off donations are equally welcome, and if made in memory of a loved one can be recorded in our 'Dedication book' which will be left in the church.


Do members of  your family have historic connections with St Peter and St Paul's? Perhaps you'd like to let them know about our new venture when you next see them? The Friends committee will be organising various social and fun events in the coming year, please check for information about these below.

Leaflets about Friends are available at church events or in the church porch. Alternatively, contact the Membership Secretary for more details. He is Brian Austin, and you can e mail him at   We'd love to hear from you!

A Recent event.

During the month of May we showed the congregation plans of the extension and invited their comments and ideas. We also appealed for their support and asked them if some of them would organise a fund raising event for the extension. We have now raised over £15,000 in the past three and a half years, which is amazing; but we need help too. 

Please help us by 'spreading the word' about Friends’ and their building project. This project is not just for the regular church congregation, it’s for everyone who uses the church at any time.

Events coming up in the next six months.

You are invited to commemorate the end of World War One during Remembrance Weekend (10th and 11th ) November at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Syston.


The church will be open all day on Sat 10th from 10.00am to 5.00pm and in the afternoon of Remembrance Day (11th) from 12.30 until 5.00pm, to show the Syston memorial books we have and to offer a quiet place for people to remember, (even if they are not church goers). The church will be decorated specially with suitable flower displays. We will offer various displays as follows; --

•The contents of the Syston WW1 memorial book have been made into a Power Point presentation that will be shown on the screen throughout the day There will also be a presentation showing what Syston was like in 1914 when the men went off to war.

•A display of WW1 medals and copies of the parish magazine from WW1. These contain some letters from Syston soldiers to the vicar, which have been copied and are on display in the memorial book. We will also have memorial boards for two of Karen Ette’s relatives who were from Syston.

•A display of reproduction ‘Sweetheart pincushions’ as made by recuperating soldiers and various other wartime artefacts. Also Art work done by year 6 children of St Peter and St Paul’s Academy, based on the idea of ‘sweetheart pincushions.’

•An opportunity to add memories and prayers about loved ones who died in (any) war and display of WW1 poems around the church. 

• A display in honour of the men from our French twin town who died.

•A display about ‘Animals at War’ as so many animals were used during WW1.

•The church bell will be tolled a (significant) number of times at the end of 11th November as dusk falls.

Refreshments will be served all day Saturday and in the afternoon of Sunday in the church hall. Proceeds from this will go to the building fund.

A Special Remembrance Book of Syston Soldiers who died During World War Two now on line for all to access

As you may already know, the Friends of St Peter and St Paul's Church, Syston spent two years collecting photos and information about the Syston servicemen and women who are commemorated on Syston’s local war memorial. The photos have now been used in a memorial book that forms a valuable historic document. The Friends have also arranged for the memorial book to be available on line on the church’s website. Just go to the main menu below and click on ‘WW2 Syston Book of Remembrance’.


The album was dedicated last year at the Remembrance Day service in the Parish Church and copies of the book are kept permanently in the church, the library, the Council offices and in the Methodist Church. The Friends of the Church committee would like to thank all who have helped in any way with this important historic project.